The Disappointments Room 2016

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The Disappointments Room 2016

The example of the Mother of mercy, and leave the outside of Attica, a small dream home.

Dana said to David, and a little child once a year with the Grand 5-York southern side of the house, looking for a fresh start. A private chamber in the invention of the trigger danas But, as has been said, it can not be healthy and slowly reveals the house of scary.

5-year-old David, and the rest of his clothes, RoomDana orci, and saw for a fresh start. And they went on, and the house, for all the old would have ever dreamed of a beautiful rural area. But the good he did not find a private chamber Dana Attic. Draw a series of strange events, the place to find long-lost love. Coming mercy leave the industry reveals a series of terrible crimes once the temple, which is directly connected only to the past.

Language: English English Catalan


General Date: 20 October, 2016

Genre: Gloria / Drama

Duration: No

Distributor: TGV Pictures

Cast: I came Beckinsale, until Luke, Mark McRaney

Director Caruso

Format: 2D

DANA (Kate Beckinsale), the son of David, Luke, after the first 5-year-old moving to the New York, and an incitement to the high house of an old man in the field, all was quiet. When the Fund began to experience dreams and terrible visions can not be explained. Against the more deeply into the mystery of the secret of Attica. And open the door, I will come in the history of the family of Dana After finding the love that black is to be found in the 19th century.

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